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Clean-Professional-chimney Sweep-Established 1980

Why do I Need to get my Chimney Swept?

  1. To Reduce the Risk of Fire.
  2. To Remove Soot and Debris. Different Fuels will produce more Soot.
  3. To Eliminate Smoke and Odours.
  4. Household Insurance will be invalid without a regular sweep.

What are the Benifits of a Regular Sweep?

  1. The Health and Saftey of YOU and YOUR Property.
  2. Will maintain a Strong Airflow resulting in a Better Performing appliance.
  3. I can identify any Problems with your Appliance, Chimney or Flue.
  4. A properly maintaintained Chimney or Appliance can burn Less Fuel.

How Often does My Chimney need Sweeping?

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when answering this question, including, Type of Fuel used, The Appliance being Used, Type of Chimney, and Duration of Use.

I can give You Expert Advise during my Visit.

Chimneys with solid Fuel Appliances or Open Fires:

Smokeless Fuels: Once a Year - Domestic Coal: at leasr twice a year.

Chimney's with Gas Appliances:

1 to 4yrs depending on type of appliance.

Chimney's with Woodburning Appliances:

Quarterly when in use.

Chimney's with Oil Fired Appliances:

Once a Year.